Whole House Humidifier

Total Comfort dog with static hair

Combat Winter Dry Air with a Whole House Humidifier

When our North Carolina winter arrives, the cold weather is usually accompanied by low relative humidity inside of your home or office. Air indoors with low humiditiy will cause dry noses, itchy dry skin, scratchy throats & static cling in most fabrics. In addition to those mostly-mild irritants, it could potentially cause health issues for you and your family and damage your Clayton or Raleigh area home or office. Proper humidity levels can be achieved by a professionally installed whole house humidifier in your indoor space.

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

  • Properly humidified air can provide a more comfortable living area for you and your family
  • Eliminate cracks in walls, ceiling and furniture typical with low humidity
  • Humidified air will feel warmer allowing you to run the heat at a lower level saving you money on electricity
  • Dry air can be a breeding ground for virus causing bacteria, adding a whole house humidifier will weigh the bacteria down and hinder their ability to spread
  • Reduce bad hair days and relieve dry skin, hair and nasal passages
  • Added humidity will allow you to freely pet your animals without getting shocked from static electricity which makes whole house humidifiers pet-friendly in our book

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