Welcome to Our New Blog!

This is where you will find valuable information on new services and equipment, special promotions and Indoor Environment tips that will save you time, money, improve the comfort level in your home or office and add value to your property.

As our first tip, Total Comfort would like to remind you to do, what we consider is the number one most important thing you can do, to extend the life of your heating and cooling system and improve your air quality:


We recommend using the less expensive poly filter and changing them more often so that your system is not working harder to push air through the denser filters. Plus, if you do it at the same time every month there is a smaller chance that you will have to call us to your home when it’s 100 degrees outside because the filter hasn’t been replaced in 6 months and that restricted airflow has caused your system to shut down.  Of course, we will be there if you do need us in the middle of summer but this is an easy thing you can do to prevent that possible service call fee.

Thanks for visiting our new blog and we hope you return often!

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