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10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Johnston County

Open door on house to let fresh air in and improve air quality inside a Johnston County homeMake your home a sanctuary from allergens by improving the air quality in your home or office. Here in the Clayton, NC area, the 70 degree forecast lets us know that spring has arrived! Before long the rains will come and then we will be surrounded by that inescapable haze of yellow pollen.

Improve Indoor Air Quality to Alleviate Asthma & Allergy Symptoms

If you are like a lot of us that suffer from seasonal allergies, you look for any escape possible. Unfortunately, the air indoors can be up to 90% more polluted than outside. That’s why we have collected a list of things that can be done to clean and purify the air inside of your home or office space.

  1. On the next dry 60-70 degree day,  open your windows for an hour or two and let some fresh air in. Your house needs to breath after a long winter sealed up tight (if your house is not sealed up tight, keep reading, we get to that later in this list) .
  2. Dust ceiling fan blades and set them to counter-clockwise.
  3. Check weather stripping around doors and windows.
  4. Vacuum. If you have carpet and you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma vacuuming your carpets will greatly reduce harmful triggers.
  5. Consider adding some indoor plants to filter toxins from the air.
  6. Remove logs from the fireplace. This could also be a great place to introduce the above mentioned plant.
  7. Check your air filter(s). They should be changed every month to filter out larger contaminates and keep air flowing like it should.
  8. Tune-up & clean your cooling system. If you have not had your AC inspected in a while, spring is the best time to have this done.  A system that has clean coils, a clear drainage system and properly set airflow & fan speed will move the cooled air throughout your space and keep you comfortable all summer long.
  9. Check air ducts for leaks. If you have ductwork with holes or runs that have come disconnected in your attic or crawlspace you are not only losing money on the conditioned air that’s escaping but also bringing contaminates from those spaces into the livable areas of your home.
  10. Consider one of the many accessory options available to provide an additional layer of protection to improve your indoor air quality. We have a wide variety of Attic Tents, UV lights, Plasma solutions, Electronic Air Cleaners & Charcoal Filters available to choose from.

If you are in the Clayton or Raleigh area call us at 919-741-5326 and we will customize a solution for your indoor space and your family’s air quality needs.

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