Global Plasma Solutions

Global Plasma Solutions

Global Plasma Solutions for Ultimate Protection

Global Plasma Solutions uses cold plasma to kill 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes. The GPS 2400 technology produces natural, friendly, oxidizers that will eliminate contaminates and odors in your home or office. In addition to the reduction of gases and odors, plasma also reduces particulates and kills mold, and bacteria in your indoor space.

How Global Plasma works

Plasma is drawn to any airborne particles by their electrical charge. Once a plasma cluster is formed around the particle it grows larger by attracting nearby particles making the filtration system more effective.

To kill bacteria and mold in your space the plasma travels with the air flow in any forced air system  and surrounds the pathogens. The plasma starves the pathogens of hydrogen that is necessary for them to survive. This stop completes the cleansing process making the airborne bacteria or mold spores inactive.

Benefits of a Installing a GPS System

  • Fits inside of any forced air heating and cooling system
  • Small, lightweight and easily installed
  • No replacement parts are needed
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Mold, Bacteria and Allergen Control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • One of the few air cleaners to actually control odor
  • Reduces static electricity in your home or office

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