HVAC Equipment

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Expertly Installed HVAC Equipment

When you are ready to improve the quality of life at home or in your office, new HVAC Equipment can make a world of difference. Nothing feels better during our hot muggy Central North Carolina summers than a cool new air conditioning unit. Our winters may be milder than most here in the south but efficient, effective heating is still necessary to make it through the colder months.

Building Performance Indexes

Not only is it important for your system to provide clean air, it is essential that a healthy system breathes. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) offers a method to gage every structure’s performance in terms of the amount of fresh air circulated into your home. There is such a thing as a home being too air tight.

Through specialized HVAC equipment, our technicians can calculate how well your home “breathes” and provide the proper remedies to enable your home to work at the highest level.

Residential Add On/Replacement

We can properly size, design, and install state-of-the-art HVAC Equipment. Total Comfort is geared to our customers… we understand quality, scheduling, being on time, and treating you and your home with the utmost respect.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is gaining more importance in home comfort applications. More often than not, the air quality in your home is worse than your city. Our design specialists understand the importance of clean air and can recommend the proper equipment necessary to let you breathe easier.

Commercial Add-On/Replacement

Our crews are very sensitive to the operation of your business and take the utmost consideration when replacing your existing HVAC Equipment. We ensure that you may operate business as usual, as our technicians both work and respect your clientele.

There is no need to halt your sales to improve your ambiance. At Total Comfort, we meet these demands with courtesy and professionalism in both the residential and commercial arenas.


Total Comfort also has the resources to fabricate custom fitting for your specific application. Whether it is ducts, vents, or fittings, we have a full service sheet metal shop to satisfy your application if an “out of the box” part is inadequate for your needs. 919-741-5326